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POD Hotels from the Brown Hotels Collection.
Pods, capsules, cubicles, call them what you will – this is the new way to explore the city.
WOM hotels, located in Tel Aviv’s ‘all the rage’ locations offer a compact and sophisticated
hospitality solution for free-spirited travelers. The WOM concept is stylish accommodation in
in central expensive city locations – at wallet friendly prices. All WOM’s have a suave lobby,
a social art gallery, a complex equipped for work purposes and opportunity to connect with other guests and
the local vibe.

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Wom Allenby

Located on Allenby, near the sandy beaches, buzzing promenade, an impressive choice of shops and cafes...and guaranteeing the perfect Tel Aviv summer vibe. WOM Allenby invites you to pick your pod, each equipped with all the necessities for your new city adventures.

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Wom Beach

Located by the beach, near the entrance to the scenic neighborhood of Neve Tzedek and the dynamic vibe of the Carmel Market, WOM is the perfect place to enjoy ultimate experiences. Enjoy all the perks of a stylish ‘pod’ hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv. Can you feel the breeze?.

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